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  1. Polyamide Resin

    Polyamide Resin is a thermosetting or thermoplastic polymer with high molecular weight and features amide linkages along the molecular chain. It is an amorphous polymer that is extensively used as wire coatings in making magnet wire, courtesy to its exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant properties. This resin is available in different forms such as coatings, films, fibers, injection or compression molded parts & ingots, and adhesives. It is obtained by condensation of polymerized vegetable oil fatty acids and selected polyalkyl polyamines.
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  2. Maleic Resins

    Maleic Resins are manufactured from maleic acid and are completely or partially esterified with polyvalent alcohol. These resins are widely used as binders in solvent-based as well as after neutralization in aqueous applications in various industries. They are hard and oxidation-stable that helps in improving wetting, scratch resistance, adhesion, and gloss. These resins, in their alcohol and ester soluble form, used in are NC-lacquers, inks, flexo inks, and jet inks. They are excellent for pigment surface coating during pigment creation and also improve the color strength.
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  3. Phenolic Resins

    Phenolic Resins are synthetically prepared polymers that are obtained by the reaction of phenol or substituted phenol with formaldehyde. These resins are widely used in various industries for the production of molded products such as laboratory countertops, billiard balls, coatings and adhesives. They are one of the most versatile polymers, courtesy to their high temperature stability, high water and chemical stability. These resins are available in two variants- novolacs & resoles and are found in a myriad of industrial products.
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  4. Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resins

    Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resins are aromatic hydrocarbons used in various industrial applications such as print inks, adhesives, (polymer-) additives and coatings. These resins are produced by cracking of petroleum by-products through pre-treatment, polymerization and distillation. They are clear and odorless yellowish resins that are soluble in most industrial solvents, making these multi-purpose products. These hydrocarbon resins are globally acknowledged for their excellent thermal stability and viscosity adjustment ability as well as are resistant to water and chemicals.
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